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Optimize ATM

OPTIMIZE is a unique outsource ATM model where we acquire your current fleet and upgrade/replace the equipment, manage details of maintenance, CIT, eREG, compliance, and provide all reporting for a seamless experience. Your branding remains intact and you retain all authorized surcharges.

Improve Efficiency

By having one core competency business partner to own and operate each ATM, increasing the up-time and eliminating the multiply touch points by multiple suppliers, etc… Many financial institutions have found value in incorporating cash services into the program, which is a popular service we offer.

Mitigate Risk

With Optimize buying your fleet (old, new upgraded, non upgraded) we take the audit responsibility away while also taking the legal risk or issues dealing with compliance which will continue to be a part of the management of a fleet of ATM’s.

Increase Profitability

Optimize is unique in its approach to make your program the “best it can be”. You will retain your surcharge and most of your interchange fee’s as you always have. But along with this benefit, Optimize works in a wholesale environment versus the banks traditional retail environment. Your equipment, maintenance, supplies, upgrades, processing, communications along with 100% of your ATM operational cost will result in not only all the benefits associated with ATMs being reduced, but also the most important factor of all profitability will not be reduced. Our goal is to increase the number of transactions while reducing the cost through-out the program.


While reviewing your program for the “Best in Class Solution” Optimize will explore the proper location, ATM style and branding to get the best marketing value and usage from all locations.

Flexible Fleet Management

All the management from day one, will be the responsibility of Optimize, however, we will work with you in a partnership relationship with deletions, additions, movements and customer needs.

Most Common Questions

We will work with you personally to answer these individually, and there should be none that would prohibit us from developing a program to benefit your needs quickly.

  1. What about my processing and existing service agreements?
  2. It sounds to good to be true.
  3. How do you make any money?
  4. What happens at the end of our agreement?

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